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Congratulations to you on your pregnancy. At Zen Natal we know that this is a wonderfully, exciting time for you and your partner and that you are looking forward to welcoming your baby into the world. As Hypnobirthing Practitioners (Midwife and Hypnotherapist) we know that Hypnobirthing, a complete ante-natal course offers both the necessary knowledge and skills, along with proven techniques that can transform your birthing experience and make a real difference to both you and your baby.

Whether you are a first time Mum and are keen to do all in your power to be well prepared for the birth of your first baby or you are already a Mum and want the freedom to choose a different type of birthing experience, this is likely to be the one of the most important decisions you make for both you and your baby.

Most women want to feel more confident and calm in their approach to giving birth and we are told that Mums feel that Hypnobirthing has given them greater freedom to take control of their birth experience and benefit from working with their body`s innate wisdom. Most importantly they have gained the ability to trust they have the resources to overcome fear and anxiety and remain calm and relaxed. The benefits of Hypnobirthing cannot be overestimated and Mums often bounce back, making a speedier recovery with less drug and medical intervention, as the physical impact of birth may be reduced and the length of labour shorter.

The Zen Natal course will show you how to use techniques to trigger a sense of peace and relaxation that you can practice at home in preparation for the birth of your baby. You will learn how to use tap into your inner resources to reduce stress via the mind-body connection, building confidence in your ability to remain calm at will, with the support of your birthing partner. Birth partners are welcome and encouraged to attend (no additional charge) so they can play a more active role in the birth both supporting and advocating for you when the birth day finally arrives.

The Hypnobirthing classes are offered in Lancashire/ Greater Manchester as both evening and weekend courses over 8 hours to accommodate the working hours of both Mums and birthing partners. The groups are small enough to be personal and large enough for everyone to benefit from the questions and experience of other group members. We also enjoy a get together of the group to celebrate the new arrivals. Some Mums choose to opt for a private 1:1 course if group classes are fully booked and for a variety of other reasons please ask for more information and availability.

On some occasions, we are asked to offer additional support where a Mum is experiencing unusually high anxiety levels and would prefer to overcome these on a one to one basis. The Changemaker program is a transformational coaching program utilising various techniques including Emotional Freedom Techniques and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

We are delighted to hear from Mums who tell of how they are enjoying their babies being calm, content and sleeping well. The long term benefits for a baby with this start cannot be overestimated and of course is exactly what a new Mum is hoping for.

Although Hypnobirthing is frequently featured in the media as more celebrities (and Royals) recount their positive experiences with Hypnobirthing we know that there is no substitute to talking to a real person and satisfying yourself that this is a decision that is right for you and your baby. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to be part of your journey.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

We are based and offer courses in Lancashire / Greater Manchester. On occasion we receive requests to deliver both private 1:1 sessions and weekend group courses further afield. Please enquire if you would like to know more.

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